Sports Shoes 02-205-4162 If you walk, run, outdoor sport then click on any of the pictures above, You will be better off with the proper gear, avoiding injuries and frustrations. When the time comes to run, you need to focus on the road and not on your shoes. Where you going to find your shoes and accessories?, with us! because we have what you need to reach your goals shoes

You should wear cushioned shoes if you are a runner who needs maximum mid sole cushioning and minimum medial (arch-side) support. These shoes are best suited for bio mechanically efficient runners (you don't overpronate), and mid foot or fore foot strikers. Runners who do best in cushioned shoes often have moderate to high arches.
Motion Control Shoes: You should wear MCS if you are a runner who over pronates moderately to severely. MCS will give you maximum rear foot control and extra support on the medial (arch) side of the foot. Motion-control shoes are also best suited for big or heavy runners who need plenty of support and durability. These runners often have low arches (flat feet).
Performance Training Shoes: You should wear performance-training shoes if you are a runner who wants a light, well-balanced shoe suitable for racing, speed work, or daily training. These shoes are best-suited for fast, efficient runners who want to train in them. Moderate over pronators can also train and race in some of these shoes.
Racing Flat Shoes: You should wear racing shoes if you have a bio mechanically efficient stride, don't have any current injuries, and want an exceptionally fast, lightweight shoe for races. Many runners use performance training shoes or their regular training shoes for races. Stability Shoes: You should wear stability shoes if you are a runner who needs medial (arch-side) support and good midsole cushioning. These shoes are best suited for runners who are mild to moderate overpronators, and/or need added support and durability.
Trail Shoes: You should wear trail shoes if you are a runner who frequently runs off-road, and are looking for rugged shoes with great outsole traction and some weather- and water-resistant qualities. Many trail shoes are built low-to-the-ground for added stability on rough trails.
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